i vini biodinamici ®

vino bio

The I vini biodinamici ® label is not a commercial brand, but it is a seal of quality which attests the efficacy of a working method (the Modern Biodynamic Method), defined and improved along the years, and the absolute excellence of the results obtained by its application in the vineyards and in the cellar.

This label marks the best wines produced by Italian wine makers who grow their grapes following the Modern Biodynamic Method and make wine according to its criteria. Guidelines for production have to be strictly respected.

The I vini biodinamici ® label will distinguish those wines which, for their organoleptic qualities and through laboratory analysis, will be recognized, year by year, as absolutely excellent. These wines present unique and unmistakable characteristics and fully express their territories, with nuances and accents capable to surprise and open new perspectives on sensorial approach and wine knowledge to connoisseurs and lovers.